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Colin Campbell

Thomas Colin Campbell was born May 16, 1920, in Genesee County, New York. His parents, Anna and Thomas Colin Campbell Sr, called him Colin while most others called him Tom. He graduated from Trinity High School on Manhattan 1937 and continued his education on Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Colin also joined the Reserve Officers Training Corps. In 1941 he earned a Science Bachelor's degree i General Engineering. 15th of August the same year he started as a 2nd Lieutetant in the air force.

He was flying with 389th Bombgroup, 566th Bomb Squadron from January 1943 to February 1944, when he did his 25th and last regular mission. He joined, among others, the famous raid against the oil refineries in Ploesti.

He did most of his missions with the pilot Ben Walsh in the B-24 The Little Gramper.

Colin had a girlfriend named Eileen. He is buried in Malmö, Sweden.

Campbell is standing furthest to the right while Walsh is standing furthest to the left. The photo is taken Februari 13, 1944 after their last mission.

Copyright both photos: © Campbell relatives

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