Photos of the monument

A photo of the monument

The text (in Swedish):
Here died the 20th of October 1944 six airmen from the United States of America
They fell for their country, for freedom and right in the second world war

The text:
Captain Truett K. Bullock
Captain Thomas C. Campbell
Lieutenant James Buchanan
Sergeant Donald J. Johnston
Sergeant Oakley J. Ragland
Corporal Earl K. Nore

The monument seen from the path that leads there

A barn that can be seen from the car parking, it is 17 meters long, to be compared to the plane that was 20 meters long and 30 meters wide

Photo from the car park where the path leads into the forest, approx 225 meters from the monument

Copyright all five photos: © Stefan Knutsson

Längst upp på sidan